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EuroCham works to support improvement of trade and investment climate in Indonesia as outlined in the EU-Indonesia Strategy Paper 2007-13, considering the overall objective of the EU to support the sustainability of Indonesia's economic growth by improving its trade and investment climate. EuroCham's activities facilitate monitoring of investment climate improvement and implementation of reforms as well as support improved facilities for advocacy vis-à-vis the Government of Indonesia.


In the EU-Indonesia Strategy Paper 2007-2013 the specific objectives of EU- Indonesia co-operation are among others identified as: "Continuing to address specific issues affecting EU-Indonesia trade and investment... the institutionalization of a high-level dialogue between the Government, EU Delegation, EuroCham and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin)."

The above gives EuroCham the clear mandate from the European Union to be the representative of EU business in the trade and investment dialogue with the Government of Indonesia. The mandate to conduct advocacy work on behalf of EU business is also in line with what has been established in the organization's Articles of Association, stating that the objectives of EuroCham is to "represent the views of the business community of the Member States of the European Union (as constituted in accordance with the Treaty of Rome in 1957 and subsequent amending Treaties) and other European countries in Indonesia.  EuroCham shall endeavor to improve access of European business to the Indonesian market in order to stimulate investment in Indonesia."


Since its inception EuroCham has become one of the key dialogue partners for the Indonesian Government in fields important to European investors, especially active dialogues with the Government have been in the fields of Logistics, Import Export Procedures including the National Single Window, Taxation, Import Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers, Investment Procedures and Barriers to foreign investment, most prominently in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, but also in other industries. EuroCham's main interfaces within the Government are the key economic ministries, especially the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance's Directorate General Taxation. EuroCham also keeps an ongoing dialogue with the Food and Drug agency (BPOM), as well as Directorate General IPR, Ministry of Energy's Directorate General Renewable Energy and Customs.


EuroCham was formed on the initiative of European businessmen in Indonesia. Fully supported by the Delegation of the European Commission in Indonesia and the Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations of Europe, the Chamber was officially launched on May 11, 2004.  The EuroCham office opened in September 2004. EuroCham is a non-profit membership fee-based organization.





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