Halal Law Implementing Regulation Draft

Published on 03 June 2016

To take a step further on the implementation of Halal Law, the Ministry of Religious Affairs recently held a meeting with various stakeholders on the Draft Government Regulation on Halal Law Implementation (RPP Halal).

Eurocham was invited as one of key stakeholders for the discussion, along with other parties including government officials, Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI), foreign representatives, chambers of commerce, business companies, journalists, academics and civil-society organizations.


Addressing its members concern, EuroCham conveyed that the Indonesian Halal Law is the only legislation in the world that applies halal under a mandatory basis. Meanwhile, other Islamic countries enforce their halal certification on voluntary principles.


Beside raised concerns on some contradictive clauses, the implementation will also involve complexity of raw materials for a vast number of products, including cosmetic and pharmaceutical, as well as the overly expensive and time-consuming procedures and requirements. Upon this Eurocham firmly stated that Halal Law is unenforceable from the business perspective, if it still applies compulsory provisions.


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