Automotive Working Group

Published on 21 August 2014



Head of Automotive Working Group


Mr. Ary Tjahyono

Associate Director External Affairs,

Mercedes-Benz Indonesia







Deputy Head for Emssion Working Group


Mr. Ralf von Baer

President Director,

BOSCH Indonesia






Deputy Head for Tyre Working Group


Ms. Nora Guitet

Public Affairs and Communication,

Michelin Indonesia






Deputy Head for Motorcycle Working Group


Mr. Rakhmat Cahyo Pratomo

Aftersales Director,

Piaggio Indonesia






Deputy Head for Supply Chain Working Group


Ms. Laksmi Purbaningsih

Business Development Manager,

DHL Supply Chain



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Automotive EuroCham's Automotive working group consists of the major European automotive manufacturers and suppliers active in Indonesia.


The activities of  the  group  started  in  early 2010 and the main issues focused on have included the support for a trade agreement between EU and Indonesia (CEPA);  the  group  has also covered the availability of higher octane diesel  fuels  such  as  Euro  4  and Euro  5 and the core point  that EU car companies manufacture locally, employ locally and support the local economy, something that has to be promoted  to  the  government.  During  the year the group contributed to the Annual Position  Papers. 


Main  development  during the year has been to  move the Indonesian Standards for tires closer to the UNECE through  the  EU financed work  to  promote UNECE to the local authorities. The UNECE tire Project was carried out by EU and Indonesian ministry of  Industry. At  the  end of the project there was a recommendation that Indonesia would sign an agreement on UNECE.


To download EuroCham's Working Group Brochure, please click here.



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