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Published on 21 August 2014




Head of Intellectual Property Working Group


Mr. Kin Wah Chow


ROUSE Indonesia





Deputy Head of Intellectual Property Working Group


Mr. Edouard Helfand

Managing Director,

Integrity Indonesia



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EU - Indonesia trade relations continue to flourish; with EU being Indonesia's main trading partner and one of the major investors in the country. However, the registration, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Indonesia continues to be an area of concern for the European investors.

The European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (EuroCham) represents more than 120 European companies active in Indonesia. For a majority of the companies IP protection is high on the agenda. Therefore EuroCham's work has been focusing on the IP situation in Indonesia, with a dedicated working group functioning as a forum for the European companies in Indonesia to deal with IP related issues. The participants in the group represent a wide variety of industries all with a common interest in IP issues, but from different perspectives. Through the working group EuroCham is also working to establish a constructive dialogue and cooperation with the Indonesian Government on IP related issues.

The obligation to develop adequate IPR protection strategies is not only essential in the long term integration of Indonesia into the global trading system but also in decreasing investors’ concerns of IPR violations. Following its 1994 ratification of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement, Indonesia has taken steps to develop and issue new intellectual property laws, create a better framework for IP protection, and provide a better environment for the development of intellectual property and inventions. These actions include the establishment of a national task force for IPR infraction prevention, the issuing of the Government Regulation on Geographical Indication which will benefit the protection of Indonesian original products, and the "Cyberlaw", containing provisions on copyright and IPR. As a result of these actions, Indonesia's intellectual property environment has improved, which shows that the measures taken by the Government and law enforcement agencies bare fruit.

EuroCham appreciates all these steps forward and is certain that these actions as well as future improvements of the regulatory framework and general work towards an improved IP environment will benefit Indonesia greatly and reassure investors that Indonesia's IP situation is improving.

For an updated account of the latest developments in the IP field in Indonesia visit this blogspot :


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