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Multi Bintang Indonesia Reaps 4 Awards at Sustainable Business Awards 2020/2021

Published on 7 July 2022

Jakarta, 3 June 2022 – Multi Bintang Indonesia, producer of the BINTANG and Heineken® beer brands in Indonesia, reaps four award categories at Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) 2020/2021:

  1. Winner in Sustainability Strategy category
  2. Winner in Water Management category
  3. Significant Achievement in Workforce category
  4. Significant Achievement in Energy Management category

“It is an honour for us to be recognised in these four categories. Even though in 2021 we were all still in the midst of the pandemic, our commitment to sustainability remained unchanged, and we are proud to have been able to use this period as a momentum to move to the next stage and create an even greater positive impact for the environment and society," said Ika Noviera, Corporate Affairs Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia.

The SBA award itself is a form of appreciation for companies that are considered to have been at the forefront of sustainable business practices and have succeeded in incorporating said principles into their long-term business strategies.

Multi Bintang Indonesia's strong commitment to sustainability refers to the “Brew A Better World 2030” global strategy from HEINEKEN and is divided into three focus areas, namely Environmental, Social and Responsible, that are implemented in an integrated manner across all functions within the company.

One of the priorities under the Environmental pillar is Multi Bintang Indonesia's efforts related to water conservation, which are carried out from upstream to downstream. Starting from the treatment and reuse of wastewater in breweries using Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Effluent Reclamation Plant (ERP), reforestation in water source areas, to various research and monitoring of the condition of watersheds, all was done to protect water resources, because every drop matters.

Apart from managing water resources, energy is another priority in Multi Bintang Indonesia's sustainability efforts. The company has the ambition to achieve carbon neutrality through the use of renewable energy and maximizing energy efficiency. Currently, 28% of the energy used in Multi Bintang Indonesia’s production process comes from renewable energy sources, such as the use of biomass that utilises rice husks from rice fields around the brewery.

“The ERP facility used at Multi Bintang Indonesia’s brewery was built in 2017, and is the first across companies within HEINEKEN's global network. Regarding energy use, our target is to achieve 100% use of renewable energy sources in our production process by 2025," continued Ika.

Not only related to the environment, Multi Bintang Indonesia also carried out a series of initiatives related to its workforce, especially in providing the support needed by employees during the pandemic. The company implemented strict health and safety protocols throughout all work locations, including for frontliners and those working from home. The support provided for maintaining physical health was also complemented by methods to help maintain mental health, through the provision of a service platform for counselling with psychologists that could be accessed by every employee anytime and anywhere.

“All of this would not have been possible without the support of our partners in carrying out these various initiatives. We believe that through collaboration, we can all scale up our efforts and create wider impact. Therefore, this year we are also rolling out a series of activities to open the door of collaboration even wider, for anyone who wants to inspire a better world with us. We will share more detailed information in the next few weeks,” concluded Ika.

Other initiatives related to sustainability from Multi Bintang Indonesia throughout 2021 can be found in the company’s Sustainability Report, which can be accessed via the link

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