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Pharma & Medtech Group Met the President’s Special Staff

Published on 8 February 2019

EuroCham Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Working Group jointly with the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group (IPMG) were invited on 8 February 2019 by a Special Staff to the President to discuss the roles of international industry to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of national healthcare in Indonesia. The meeting aims to gather information as well as inputs from international industry players on recurring issues in healthcare sector in Indonesia and finding a way for improvements.

In general, the industry players understand the dilemma faced by the government in choosing between acceleration of industrialization and providing healthcare access for the public. However, priority needs to be taken when it comes to healthcare. Considering the global supply chain in pharmaceutical industry as well as the urgency of healthcare access for the general public, requirements to set up local manufacturing in Indonesia must be revisit as to simplify and provide easiness for the business community.

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New Elected Head and Deputy for Agriculture, Food & Beverages Working Group

Published on 7 February 2019

The EuroCham Agriculture, Food & Beverages Working Group met on 7 February 2019 to provide updates on latest development of Halal Law implementation, application of 2D Barcodes for food and beverages products, labelling obligations, as well as other this year’s priority issues that would be included in the EuroCham Position Paper 2019. Another important agenda that the group discussed was the leadership for the group in 2019. On this matter, the group has decided to elect Doni Wibisono Wiroto of Frisian Flag Indonesia as the new Head of Working Group, and Laksmi Prasvita of Bayer Indonesia as the Deputy for Agriculture. All member companies attending the meeting was positive about the new leadership for the group.

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