Danone-AQUA Expands Collaboration for Positive Water Impact with National Innovation Research Agency (BRIN)

Published on 19 September 2023

Danone-AQUA is deepening its collaboration with the National Innovation Research Agency's Center for Technology Services (Pusyantek BRIN) to validate positive water impact through scientific water conservation efforts. This collaboration started in 2021, measures positive water impact using the Volumetric Water Benefit Accounting (VWBA) methodology. The initiative aims to return more water to nature and communities than used in production.

To preserve water resources, Danone-AQUA has planted 2.5 million trees, built 2,100 absorption wells, educated communities on sustainable agriculture over 350 hectares of land, established Biodiversity Parks in 17 locations, and strengthened 5 Watershed Forums. Efforts to promote water circularity in production systems include rainwater harvesting, reusing water for general purposes, efficiency measures in production lines, and recycling leftover production process water for domestic use.

Moreover, Danone-AQUA supports programs to increase clean water access, currently reaching half a million people in 46 districts and over 70 villages across Indonesia.

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