Danone Aqua received 'Waste Reduction Effort by Manufacturers' from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Published on 22 June 2020

Great news from Danone Indonesia, A Platinum Member of EuroCham. Danone Indonesia recently was awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Award in 'Waste Reduction Effort by Manufacturers' for the third time in a row. The award acknowledges and is presented in appreciation by the Government of Indonesia for Danone Aqua's efforts in addressing waste management and reduction from the environment.

Danone’s Senior Vice President and Chairperson of EuroCham, Corine Tap, stated that this year's award is dedicated to all of Danone partners in education, collection, and recycling streams, and most importantly to the waste pickers who have always been the front liners of Danone efforts to consistently and sustainably run an environmentally-friendly business. Danone Aqua with its #bijakberplastic movement will continue to create innovations to achieve ambitious goals for a cleaner Indonesia. Danone Aqua is targeting not only to recover more packaging than their use in 2025 but also to promote inclusiveness for their waste pickers, waste banks, and communal collection centers. EuroCham congratulates Danone Indonesia for this prestigious award.

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