Maintain Market Domination, Unilever's Long-Term Performance (UNVR) Remains Promising

Published on 14 August 2023

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR)'s various tactics are beginning to provide results, such as more controlled volume reduction, increased gross margins, and greater market share. Unilever presented results for Semester 1 - 2023 and Q2 - 2023, with net sales of IDR 20.3 trillion and a commitment to strengthening business fundamentals in order to achieve long-term growth.

In addition, the company reported a net profit of IDR 2.8 trillion and a good second quarter gross margin of 50.5%, the highest in the previous eight quarters. UNVR is regarded in the market for continuing to strengthen its portfolio in both the premium and value segments. Furthermore, the organization continues to carry out its five strategic initiatives on a constant basis.

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