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How Allianz Indonesia Avoids Generation Gap, Improving Intergenerational Communication

Published on 14 August 2023

Allianz prioritizes communication and collaboration in the work environment to overcome the generation gap between fellow employees. Thus, Allianz carried out an event entitled ‘NgobrAZ’ or Ngobrol Bareng Allianz which was delivered by invited speakers. This is necessary to maintain Allianz Indonesia's position which has an employee satisfaction level of up to 93% among other business entities in Southeast Asia.

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Celebrate life’s greatest moments with Royal Selangor

Published on 14 July 2023

Royal Selangor ushers in an exciting 2023 with a brand new store launch at Plaza Indonesia. Located at Level 3 Lot #50 and #51, the store is designed to create an all-encompassing retail experience for visitors and customers and possesses a luxurious and welcoming facade.

The store carries a wide assortment of home décor, lifestyle essentials, collectibles and gift items, suitable for family, friends and colleagues, and year-round celebrations and festivities.

Royal Selangor introduces a new Disney100-themed collection inspired by classic stories and characters, in conjunction with The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary in 2023. Collectors and pop-culture fans will appreciate our range of licensed collectibles and figurines, from Marvel, DC, Bear Brick, etc. We also have many oriental collections, such as Koi, Five Elements, Benevolence, etc.

About Royal Selangor

Since 1885, Royal Selangor has been synonymous with innovation and quality. Today, the brand has grown from a cottage industry to a global brand and Royal Selangor is the world’s largest pewter manufacturer and brand renowned for its design and craftsmanship.

Our high-quality cast pewter consists of 92% to 97% tin, the highest international standard for pewter, with a small proportion of copper and antimony added to strengthen the alloy. All Royal Selangor products are lead-free and food-safe.

About Royal Stardom Indonesia

PT. Royal Stardom Indonesia is a Bumi Laut Group company, and Sole Agent & Distributor of Royal Selangor in Indonesia for more than 25 years. The company focuses to distribute and sell crafted, thoughtfully designed and premium quality goods and corporate gift items. The essence of a well-made product starts from the materials, the techniques and art used to construct it. Hence, we source out the finest products and allow artists to construct timeless pieces, made easily available.

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