Working Group

Information & Communications Technology and Intellectual Property (ICTIP)

  • Head of Working Group
    Minn Tun
    Chief Executive Officer of Bhumi Varta Technology
  • Deputy Head for ICT
    Jorgen Enger Fjellin
    Managing Director at Baezeni Indonesia
  • Deputy Head for Intellectual Property
    Kin Wah Chow
    Principal - Rouse & Co. International

Information & Communications Technology and Intellectual Property (ICTIP) is the result of the merger between two previous working groups of the Technology and Intellectual Property working groups. The two former working groups, although merged, still exist and act as sub-working groups under the ICTIP working group banner.

The Working Group would now act as the harmonious chorus for all digital, technological, and intellectual property concerns for the member companies of EuroCham. The members of the working group include patent holders, brand owners, IT companies, and tech companies. Recent technological advancements that have an impact on many facets of business have increased the relevance and necessity of the ICTIP Working Group.

The Working Group would ensure EuroCham's proactive engagement in helping the government improve the investment climate and regulatory environment in the technology, information and communications, and intellectual property sectors. At the same time, the Working Group also focuses on the issues of intellectual property protection and enforcement. Through collaboration and dialogue, the group seeks to address regulatory challenges, promote innovation, and foster a conducive environment for investment and growth.

The ICTIP Working Group is currently actively engaged in addressing a diverse range of topics. These topics include trademark law, patent law, copyright law, IP protection and enforcement, personal data protection, 5G connectivity, and smart manufacturing.

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