Working Group

Sustainable Development

  • Head of Working Group
    Karyanto Wibowo
    Sustainable Development Director - Danone Indonesia
  • Deputy of Working Group
    Nuni Sutyoko
    Head of Corporate Sustainability - HSBC
  • Deputy of Working Group
    Ribut Purwanti
    Head of External Affairs - Unilever Indonesia

About the group

The CSR and Sustainable Development Member Forum was formed in 2014 after the Sustainable Development Working Group and the Corporate Social Responsibility Working Group merged due to similarity in nature. The Member Forum has been actively conducting meetings as a platform for EuroCham Indonesia members to share experiences regarding their CSR activities and best practices on sustainable development. In addition, the meetings also provided EuroCham Indonesia Members with the opportunity to discuss updates on regulations related to CSR and Sustainable Development.

Throughout 2017 the Member Forum has successfully conducted two meetings. The first meeting was held on 22 August 2017 and discussed CSR implementation among EuroCham Indonesia members based on survey findings by EuroCham Indonesia

Prior to the meeting, the Member Forum had conducted a survey on the implementation of CSR among EuroCham Indonesia members, which included some CSR-related questions, such as whether the companies had their own CSR activities and who the target participants of their CSR programs were. The survey found some important findings, for example that the majority of the respondents were conducting CSR programs and that most of their CSR activities were handled by CSR managers/directors.

In 2017 the Member Forum also had the pleasure to welcome a representative of Development Aid as a speaker during the member forum meeting on 24 October 2017. In that meeting, members also discussed the new presidential regulation on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the country. The member forum agreed to hold a follow-up discussion on the implementation of sustainable development goals in the country next year.

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