Working Group


  • Head of Working Group
    Daniel Purba
    Associate Director External Affairs - Mercedes-Benz

About the Group

The Automotive Working Group was established in 2009 and consists of major European automotive companies operating in Indonesia. More than 20 companies are active participants, across car and motorcycle manufacturers, spare parts and components producers, certification providers, and consultants. In late 2015, the working group decided to form sub-working groups, which became the medium for more detailed and focused discussions among their members. The six sub-working groups are: Assembly, Motorcycles, Tyres, Emission, Standards, and Supply Chain.

The Working Group made significant achievements in regards to automotive policies. Some of the notable outcomes are the issuance of Minister of Industry Regulation No. 34/M-IND/PER/9/2017. This regulation incorporated most of the working group’s suggestions, including import quotas and local sourcing.

The Working Group also advocated the iron and steel import policy. Stipulated as Minister of Trade Regulation No. 82/M-DAG/PER/12/2016, this policy proved to be a challenge for many automotive companies. The policy was successfully amended and helped automotive companies in their business.

Further, the Working Group played a key role in the EIBD (EU-Indonesia Business Dialogue) — a EuroCham Indonesia largest annual event. In the 2017 EIBD, the Working Group discussed standardization issues within the Automotive sector. In this event, the Working Group invited the Ministry of Industry and the National Standardization Agency. 

The Automotive Working Group is currently monitoring and working on several ongoing issues, including:

electric vehicles, implementing Regulation on IKD and CKD schemes, Regulation on Safety Glass, Luxury Tax Harmonisation, CO2 Tax and Spare Tire issues.

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