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Intellectual Property Working Group Discussion on GDPR with DG Just, EU Commission

Published on 8 August 2018

On Wednesday 8 August 2018, EuroCham Intellectual Property Working Group had the honor to discuss the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Mr. Ralf Sauer, the Deputy Head of Unit of DG JUST, EU Commission. The discussion was held at EuroCham Office and chaired by Mr. Kin Wah Chow, the Head of Intellectual Property Working Group.

Mr. Sauer delivered a presentation with the title A Modern European Data Protection Framework which began with the explanation on EU Data framework as well as the main objectives and major changes in the regulation. The system is set to be a harmonized and simplified framework, and a modern data protection governance. Also important is the international aspects of GDPR particularly the coverage of the regulation as well as its adequacy principle. Participants of this meeting came from various sectors in EuroCham as well as representatives of Embassy of Netherlands and Denmark. Following the presentation, the participants had the opportunity to directly discuss with Mr. Sauer Ralph the impact of the topic for member companies.

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Chemical Working Group Meeting

Published on 2 August 2018

On August 2, 2018, Eurocham Chemical Working Group held its regular meeting, with the main agenda to discuss on policy update in Chemical sectors and also further discussion on the progress of some recurrent issues relevant with the sector.

Policy discussed were about the recent Government Regulation on the Online Single Submission, the implementation so far, and how it experienced by the members. For the recurring issue, discussion revolved around the implementation of Post-Border Supervision and also sharing updates on Halal Law implementing regulation.

Some concern raised on the topic on e-commerce on online trading for chemical products as it was found out some chemical products sold by one prominent online platform was actually counterfeited products. Consider the complication to bring chemical goods to enter Indonesian market; the group share the same concern on how it is astonishingly seems to be very lenient on the supervision of local trading, particularly through online platform. The group then suggested to raise the concern toward relevant institutions as an act of attention for underlying bigger cause.

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